Hello reader, I am Daniel iloh, the CEO of Worgersweb. A business that fully kicked off just late last year but has worked with major firms and completed recommendable projects for many individuals. It has not been easy all the way but as long as you are determined and have God on your side, then you can perform wonders.
    One of our many services we offer in Worgersweb is Business consultation. We lecture business owners and firms on how to start, ride and maintain a business. I would love to share this 4 phase lecture with you. I believe if you follow up, you would be on your way to operating a Million dollar business.

    Keep this key phrase in mind, we will start and end with it.
    "Like causes always produces life effects" 

    Along my path in creation and maintenance of Worgersweb, i have come to conclusion that indeed, hard work, skills, talents and environments is not just enough. What is enough is doing things in a certain way.

    The phenomena where two people doing the same thing and one gets rich while the other does not , explains a certain way.
    The phenomena where one who has so much talent does not get rich while the one that has little to none gets rich, explains a certain way.
    The phenomena where someone that saves for 10 years ends up poor while a free spender ends up rich, explains a certain way.

    There are no new steps or doors to be unlocked in the journey to success. It has all already been unlocked and laid down for us in books, events, behavioral manners and nature, all we need do is to tap to it. Being successful is not a matter of hard work or talent, its all about doing things in a certain way. So technically, it is mathematically proven that if we do what rich man A did to get his wealth, following the steps and paths he took, we our self will surely get rich. Its that simple.

    Now the question is, "How difficult is this certain way"

    Certain ways are not difficult if you know what you are doing and where you are headed to. Your believe and faith will always keep you in track no matter how wacky the road might get. 

    But, before you do things in a certain way, you must understand the stages of the certain way. This stages are in prints, in books, online, they are all around you. all you need to do is reach out and grab it.

    Take for example, you are a business man looking for customers to buy your new branded shoe. What are the stages you must pass to get customers knocking your door?

    1. Natural Ability counts: understanding how human beings think is a key factor to a successful sale in business. God has given us natural abilities that would enable us to think and become more effective in anything we do.

    Now lets bring this to context, if you want to sell something to a woman, you have to think like a woman. 

     In my latest e-book, 50 secrets of selling , one of the secrets in its pages are 

    You can only accomplish this if you make them feel you understand. Think like them, be them. They would surely feel safe around you and would be willing to buy any product you recommend to them.

    2. Location counts: Do not get me wrong when i say that being successful is not a matter of environment. I know persons that has become rich while working in a village or a less developed community while the ones in industrious communities are still struggling, but you would not go and sell a product with little to no use in a place that it is not needed no valued.

    Its just like heading over to a less developed community where there total count is less than 500 persons and building a 5-star hotel. Now tell me, who would visit your hotel?

    so location counts is some situations.

    3. Social Interaction counts:  Anyone that tells you to avoid interaction is feeding you with negativity. How do you expect to become rich when you do not interact? Come to think of it, ask yourself this question, is it your friends that will make you rich?

    Its a stranger or group of strangers out there that will.

    so how would you give them a chance to meet you if you do not even communicate. Starting today, you need to deal with a lot of people or be at least be around where people are to deal with. God has already told us that problems and troubles will come, so hiding from it is just postponing the inevitable. Embrace it before it embraces you.

    4. Customer wants counts: Knowing what is trending that the moment gives you an upper hand in sales success. Knowing what your customer wants is important to get rich. We already know what people want, now show it to them on their face.

    I will be stopping here today, let me give you time to read and understand and also ask me questions via my email on [email protected] or call/whatsapp me on 08133956221. 

    Goodbye for now...


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