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Development 90%
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  • Would you employ a First Class Graduate with no experience or a second class graduate with a lot of experience?

    I have been doing a lot of thinking and i decided to write it down and share it with you guys. Now the main question is;

    Would you employ a First Class Graduate with no experience or a second class graduate with a lot of experience?

    In Nigeria here, we are born into a system of circle that all must have to pass before they can be called a man or a woman. we go through a 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria, the recipient of the education would spend six years in primary school, three years in junior secondary school, three years in senior secondary school, and four years in tertiary institution, and in some cases 5. But lets have a seat and think , 

    16 years ?

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    Yes, we spend 16 years in this circle, been taught the same thing and to different persons, with different dreams and mindset but hey, do they put all this in consideration? no they don't. The parent of the child just assume and stand firm to their assumption that who ever finishes from the school system would eventually get a good job and get good income flow, 

    but pause that thought, lets take a mathematical analytical calculation of your chances of getting a good job and a good income flow after school, taking Nigeria as an area of concentration.


    Note: This calculations are based on assumptions, not a real data fact
    Image result for think

    With this assumptions, chance of getting a job just after school is pretty low. so what happens after then? you relax at home? hmm.

    We Forget the main concept of the school system which is to teach us what is happening around us and how we can relate to them for the betterment of a great future. I did a background check on company owners and i found that something, No employer would employ a first class graduate with no experience but would rather employ a second class or even a Third class with a lot of experiences and recommendations. Yes, you heard me !!!

    Image result for think
    Am listening, continue

    It is no longer news that a student can go through the university, carefully paying his lecturers money or by any means available. I once saw a first class graduate of the computer science department of a university, i would not say, he could not use MS WORD. a computer graduate did not know how to use the computer. That was so disturbing and disgraceful. 

    So think, if you are the owner of a firm who would you employ?
    A No experience First class Graduate or a second class Experience Graduate?

    A smart person should know why he is in school and if what he is being taught is heading towards his line of dream for himself. If we go to school because our parent said we should, that would be detrimental to our future, same too if we choose a course for a reason that is not in line with our dream.


    Intellectuals do not rule this world, Creativity Does

    Check out the Billionaires, majority of them a creative in their own area of expertise. Education is necessary but not enough proof that you would be a Billionaire in the coming years.
    Image result for think

    So what now?

    Think, take a pen and write down how you want your next 10 years to be, mapping out a Plan A, B & C. Its never good to rely only on one source. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Think smart. Do not procrastinate and wait another day. Start now and in less than 5 years, your idea or plan could be worth a Billion pounds.

    Image result for think

    Thank you for reading this article.

    We at Worgersweb can teach and provide any of this services for you if you would love to start something right now,

    We Create any Kind of website for clients. Be it an organization, a social website or Information website
    Our Online consultant services is just what you need to plan your next big business move.
    The world is an ugly place without Graphics. Graphics is life. We provide Designs to any Project you have at hand.
    We will Boost your Facebook, instagram and twitter page for you.
    We will set up a full Non-hosted google adsense account for you.
    We sell you informative books on how to make money Online from home and anywhere.
    We will develop any Business for you, Creating an Online and offline presense which will get you more Customers.
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    We will build any kind of softwares you have in mind, bring the ideas lets make it happen.

    Iloh Daniel,
    CEO, Worgersweb.
    CALL/WHATSAPP 08133956221

  • Choosing a Business Idea

    Choosing a Business idea can be very exhausting but you can make it easier for yourself by asking this questions;

    1. Will timing Permit me?
    2. Can i handle it?
    3. How much effort can i put in daily?
    4. How good am i in the business? or How optimistic am i?
    5. How much do i want to earn daily?
    6. Who are my potential Target Market?

    Have you answered the questions?, now lets head over to choosing a Business idea.

    1. Blogging

    If you have a particular subject that interests you and you are passionate about it, then you can start a blog around such topic. Blogging is one of the fastest growing business trends on the web and the sweetest thing is that it is an information based business.

    So no worries about technicalities, programming, etc. You also don’t need to invest a dime to get started as there are free platforms you can utilize like Blogger, TypePad, Joomla and WordPress.

    2. E-Book Publishing

    If you love writing and you possess some marketing skills, then you can venture into information marketing. In this situation, your business will be to identify people’s problems and provide a solution in the form of an ebook.

    3. Affiliate marketing

    The first venture you can start online is to own your own affiliate store. To become an affiliate marketer means that you be promoting other people’s products and services. Whenever there is a sale, you will get a commission and the most interesting fact here is that you don’t even need a dime of your own to start it and you get to partner with some of the biggest companies in the world.

    4.  Set up an e-commerce store online

    Yes, you can set up an e-commerce or retail store online and you can start this online business from home without even owning a single product. You can sell virtually anything ranging from books, clothes and electronics to household item through wholesale drop shipping or by setting up an affiliate store with Amazon or EBay.

    5. Online Beading Store

    If you love beading, and you have beading skills, you can launch an online business that will not only focus on selling the coolest beads on the web, but also offer video tutorials on how to make beads.

    6. Research and sell information online

    Yes, you can research on people’s problems and needs; then all you have to do is to come up with a solution, package it in an eBook, video or audio format and you are in business. In fact, the over head startup cost for this business is so low that anybody can do it. To have an idea on hottest selling information products, I will recommend you visit Clickbank.com

    7. Programming Services

    With the growing demand for software, applications and plugins; offering programming services is definitely a business to beat because of the steady demand. But a downside to offering programming service is that it requires specialized knowledge that doesn’t come easy. If you are patient enough to learn the ropes of programming; you are sure of a steady supply of contracts. Remember that Larry Page, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg started out as programmers.

    8. Membership sites

    If you are an expert in your industry, then you should definitely think of starting a membership site. A membership website is a site that offer “specific information” to people; all for a monthly recurring fee. A successful membership site can generate income monthly without you lifting a finger.

    9. Web Design

    Web design is an online service business that has been around for quite long; yet, the market is not saturated. With an ever growing demand for websites, forums and blogs; the momentum for web design services will never die down. To get started as a web designer, all you need are some artistic talents, programming knowledge and time. As you design your websites, you must ensure you build your portfolio and look forward to having additional clients through word of mouth.

    The most exciting fact about offering web design services is that you don’t need to know how to design a website or blog; all you need to do is to master the automated web design software made available online and you are in business.

    10. Blog Installation

    Blogging is the latest craze online. Every Dick and Harry now maintains a blog; and a lot more people desire to own one or two but unfortunately, not many people understand the technicality involved with installing a blog and they are not willing to learn it. If you are good at blog installation; then you can offer it as a service and I bet that you will smile to the bank daily.



    Hello reader, I am Daniel iloh, the CEO of Worgersweb. A business that fully kicked off just late last year but has worked with major firms and completed recommendable projects for many individuals. It has not been easy all the way but as long as you are determined and have God on your side, then you can perform wonders.
    One of our many services we offer in Worgersweb is Business consultation. We lecture business owners and firms on how to start, ride and maintain a business. I would love to share this 4 phase lecture with you. I believe if you follow up, you would be on your way to operating a Million dollar business.

    Keep this key phrase in mind, we will start and end with it.
    "Like causes always produces life effects" 

    Along my path in creation and maintenance of Worgersweb, i have come to conclusion that indeed, hard work, skills, talents and environments is not just enough. What is enough is doing things in a certain way.

    The phenomena where two people doing the same thing and one gets rich while the other does not , explains a certain way.
    The phenomena where one who has so much talent does not get rich while the one that has little to none gets rich, explains a certain way.
    The phenomena where someone that saves for 10 years ends up poor while a free spender ends up rich, explains a certain way.

    There are no new steps or doors to be unlocked in the journey to success. It has all already been unlocked and laid down for us in books, events, behavioral manners and nature, all we need do is to tap to it. Being successful is not a matter of hard work or talent, its all about doing things in a certain way. So technically, it is mathematically proven that if we do what rich man A did to get his wealth, following the steps and paths he took, we our self will surely get rich. Its that simple.

    Now the question is, "How difficult is this certain way"

    Certain ways are not difficult if you know what you are doing and where you are headed to. Your believe and faith will always keep you in track no matter how wacky the road might get. 

    But, before you do things in a certain way, you must understand the stages of the certain way. This stages are in prints, in books, online, they are all around you. all you need to do is reach out and grab it.

    Take for example, you are a business man looking for customers to buy your new branded shoe. What are the stages you must pass to get customers knocking your door?

    1. Natural Ability counts: understanding how human beings think is a key factor to a successful sale in business. God has given us natural abilities that would enable us to think and become more effective in anything we do.

    Now lets bring this to context, if you want to sell something to a woman, you have to think like a woman. 

     In my latest e-book, 50 secrets of selling , one of the secrets in its pages are 

    You can only accomplish this if you make them feel you understand. Think like them, be them. They would surely feel safe around you and would be willing to buy any product you recommend to them.

    2. Location counts: Do not get me wrong when i say that being successful is not a matter of environment. I know persons that has become rich while working in a village or a less developed community while the ones in industrious communities are still struggling, but you would not go and sell a product with little to no use in a place that it is not needed no valued.

    Its just like heading over to a less developed community where there total count is less than 500 persons and building a 5-star hotel. Now tell me, who would visit your hotel?

    so location counts is some situations.

    3. Social Interaction counts:  Anyone that tells you to avoid interaction is feeding you with negativity. How do you expect to become rich when you do not interact? Come to think of it, ask yourself this question, is it your friends that will make you rich?

    Its a stranger or group of strangers out there that will.

    so how would you give them a chance to meet you if you do not even communicate. Starting today, you need to deal with a lot of people or be at least be around where people are to deal with. God has already told us that problems and troubles will come, so hiding from it is just postponing the inevitable. Embrace it before it embraces you.

    4. Customer wants counts: Knowing what is trending that the moment gives you an upper hand in sales success. Knowing what your customer wants is important to get rich. We already know what people want, now show it to them on their face.

    I will be stopping here today, let me give you time to read and understand and also ask me questions via my email on worgersweb@gmail.com or call/whatsapp me on 08133956221. 

    Goodbye for now...


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